Spring Trail Day!


APRIL 28, 2018 at 8:30 a.m.

Welcome to spring! It is time to get out and see what nature has done over the winter. OLT has some
opportunities for volunteers to get involved. Get on some sturdy footwear, old clothes and heavy
gloves. Treat your clothes with permethrin or bring your own tick/bug spray. Bring water if you desire.
Prepare to work and have fun by joining others at one of the places below:

  1. Frog Pond – Shadbush Lane – Leader Kate Locke (Locke.Kate@gmail.com). Invasives will be
    pulled and cut where it is safely away from the vernal pool as salamanders and frogs may be
    starting their life cycles. Please bring clippers.
  2. Newman Hill – CBCA, Grant Road, Orono– Leader: Kris Sornberger
    (oltsornberger@gmail.com). The trail at the bottom of Newman Hill at intersection 7 is wet and
    muddy. The work plan is to create a raised tread, and dry path for multi-use crossing. Meet at
    intersection 7. Park at end of Grant Road. See trail map on Orono land trust website for
    directions. An assortment of dirt moving hand tools will be provided. Do not bring chainsaws.
  3. Piney Knoll – End of Penobscot Street (do not block any driveways) – Leader Mike Opitz
    (mopitz39@gmail.com). This is a clean-up Operation; we will pull up early new growth. No
    cutting will be done. Plants that cannot be pulled will be flagged for later treatment.

Trail day is always a great time to talk with friends and neighbors while providing a wonderful service for all outdoor minded people. We hope you can join a group in a place of your interest.

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