Viewing: Yes. / Hunting: No! – Black and Boulder Ponds Area

Reminder that hunting is permitted on many OLT lands.  However, hunting is NOT permitted around Black and Boulder ponds.  An incredible amount of work has been done to enhance the habitat in these areas – and the animals have been doing their part too!  The ponds provide excellent opportunities to see a wide variety of […]

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Visitors Welcome – However, No Camping – No Fires!

Orono Land Trust welcomes visitors and recreational users on our lands!  To ensure for the safety of all visitors and of the land,  we do not permit camping and we do not permit fires on any OLT lands.  Recent incidents of camping and fires on our land have been found – so we’re issuing this […]

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2019 PKCA Hunting Permit and OLT Hunting Policy

 Hunting Policy Hunting Policy and PKCA Permit, 2019 Information (Updated August 28, 2019) It is the policy of Orono Land Trust (OLT) to permit use of its fee lands for a diversity of outdoor recreational activities. Hunting of game species, where appropriate and under appropriately issued State of Maine licensure, and under conditions where the […]

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Summer Passport Challenge – Can you collect them all?

It’s summer – time for a challenge!  Get to know the lands that OLT works to preserve while getting outside and enjoying nature. Use the passport to go out and explore. Kiosk codes are at trail entrances. Let us know when you’ve traveled around OLT’s world and have the codes for all the sites on […]

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2019 Annual Membership Meeting – 6:30 PM, March 29

The Orono Land Trust Annual Meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 29 at 6:30pm at The Keith Anderson Community House, 19 Bennoch Road, Orono. This year’s keynote presentation is by Dr. Sally Stockwell, Director of Conservation for Maine Audubon. The topic will be “Managing Forests for Bird Habitat. This is the chance to gather, meet and greet members old and new. […]

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Attend Fall Trail Day!

Fall Trail Day We hope you’ll take action by joining our Fall Trail Work Day in Orono on Saturday, Oct 27, 9 am-noon. We’ll be focusing on the Caribou Bog Conservation Area (CBCA) multi use trail system, home to a diversity of single track and double track trails created for four season non motorized recreational activities!  The CBCA has been rated as a top […]

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Summer 2018 Newsletter

Land Trust News. Stories highlight: OLT crew finishes new facility Invasive scourge: The Emerald Ash Borer is found in Maine Spring trail work at Piney Knoll & Proposed Summer 2018 Work Plan – Volunteers needed! New OLT 2018 Board members Thank you to Black Bear Brewery! Nature Clip – The Gray Catbird (Dumetella carolinensis) — […]

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Update To Dog Policy For Stillwater River Trail

Note that the dog policy has been updated to clarify that all dogs are required to be on-leash when on the Stillwater River Trail.  Portions of this trail are on private property and it is important that we treat the privilege of using the land with respect.  Refer to the full text of the dog […]

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2018 Hunting Season – Hunter Feedback Form Open

Did you receive a PCKA hunting permit or hunt on other OLT lands?  Please provide your feedback  – Click <Here> Please click the link to fill out the feedback form for your hunting experience.  Note that feedback is required for all PKCA permit holders.  Others who hunted are encouraged to provide feedback.  To provide your […]

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IMPORTANT: Please Read – Winter Trail Use and Trail Closures

Greetings –   1/12/2018: Caribou Bog Conservation Area: Trails Closed Temporarily to Ski and Snowshoe Users Due To Rain and Warm Weather.  Winter bicycle trails are available.  All of these trails remain closed to foot traffic (non-snowshoe) until spring. JCNA, Sklar Park and the Stillwater River Trail are open for foot traffic all year. The […]

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