Stewardship and Trails

This committee monitors activities that may affect properties (logging, development, etc.); Plan, construct and maintain trails; Plan and manage Trail Days.

FMI, please contact Gail White (Head of Trails) 866-0041 or Dave Thompson (Head of Stewardship) 827-4615


This committee researches preservation possibilities, applies criteria, recommends on preservation possibilities, and undertakes, with Board Authorization, communications regarding preservation. Maintains and updates maps.

FMI, please contact Jim Hinds

Volunteer Committee

This committee maintains the mailing list of OLT members, coordinates the involvement of volunteers on land trust projects, and oversees the use of the online volunteer questionnaire.

FMI, please contact Michael Opitz (Volunteer Coordinator) 866-3329

Executive Committee

This committee has overall responsibility for the operation of Land Trust activities.

President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer

Finance Committee

This committee has overall responsibility for the monies of the Land Trust.

Outreach Committee

This committee develops and publishes the newsletter. They keep the web site updated and add interesting information. They organize the annual meeting, Orono Festival Day and day trips. They get the word out in the Penobscot Times, the Orono Observer, newsletter etc. They develop maps in conjunction with the trails committee. They develop brochures and other informational materials.

FMI, please contact Melissa Burch (Chair) at 866-5478.

Newsletter Committee

This committee publishes the newsletter.

Veazie Land Association

This group identifies properties that should be acquired or have easements, makes and maintains trails and natural areas, works with the Town to develop and preserve “green space” and “open space” within developments, organizes activities, and supplies articles for the newsletter to the Outreach Committee.

Accreditation Committee

This committee heads up the accreditation effort that OLT is pursuing through the Land Trust Accreditation Commission (LTAC).

Caribou Bog – Penjajawoc Lands Committee

This group identifies properties and works to acquire lands that are in the Caribou Bog- Penjajawoc area.