Jeremiah Colburn Natural Area

OLT purchased this land and donated it to the Town of Orono in 1986.  This was the first property purchased by, and served as the genesis of the Orono Land Trust. Trail access via the Cota Trail, is on land donated in 1996 to the OLT by Virginia and Ron Mallett. Trails may also be accessed from Forest Hills Terrace and Winterhaven Drive (northern boundary). Many wildflowers and birds may be seen here and a stream runs through the property.

IMG_20160602_184411335Sally’s Field, located near Bennoch Road, is mowed annually to maintain a field habitat. Watch for “Big Old Tree” trail signs near the center of the property to view an enormous white pine, which is an historic OLT landmark and is featured in our logo. Additional trails signs point out the “pineapple tree” (a pine and an apple tree growing together), “porcupine tree” (huge deposit of porcupine droppings at its base) and “lightning tree” (a white pine hit twice by lightning).

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