List of Land and Easements

Conservation Easements

Trail Easements

Fee Land   (Owned by OLT)    
Property NameYearDescription (rounded nearest 0.1 acre)AcresSteward
Piney Knoll Conservation Area (PKCA)
(Formerly Marsh Island Preserve)
(Multiple years)Renamed in 2012, mostly upland mixed forest75.6Mike Opitz
Cota Trail Property1996Connector given by Mallets2G. White
Hsu Preserve2005Mixed forest, spruce bog, abuts Forest Ave30.6Kathy Burns/David T
Newman Hill Preserve (include ~6.0 ac Railroad bed)2002Forest, two story stand, mixed species88J. Hinds
Penobscot Shores1990Eroding property from Diamond Occidental1.7W. Tremblay
Pushaw Inlet Property2006Riverside and abuts RR grade3.41Mike Bellevieu
Pushaw View Property2006Lakeside low land on NE shore of Pushaw Lake0.32Ron Logan
Thibodeau2010Narrow long lot abuts Pushaw Lake54.8Ron Logan/David T.
Wickett2011Old growth, mixed forest, adjacent PerchPD57.1J. Longcore
Dorion South2013Ski and bike trails; adjacent to Newman Hill140.8Kris Sornberger/Jim Hinds
Dorion North2013Part of Caribog Bog; Pine Ponds Restoration Area177.9Bucky Owen
Property NameYear AcresSteward
Brent Halsey Outdoor Classroom1995Demonstration forest from Diamond Occidental7.5D. Thompson
Davis Conservation Easement2008Forever wild forest and a field37.2W. Tremblay
Hinds Conservation Easement2007Wetlands and Forest near Newman Hill37.3Ron Logan
Hinds Conservation Easement2001Forested land near Newman Hill48Ron Logan
Hinds-Keleti Conservation Easement 20062006Forested land just west of Taylor (dump) road123John Alexander
Manter Conservation Easement2006Forested Land in Veazie8.4Dave Wardrop
Orono Bog (Hyland Tract) Conservation Easement2010University of Maine System has boardwalk354Ray (Bucky) Owen
Frog Pond Conservation Easement (Formerly Pearce)2006Forest surrounding Frog Vernal Pool3.4John Maddaus
Rampe Forest Conservation Easement2002Forested land S. of Forest Ave38Lin White
Property NameYearDescriptionAcresSteward
Chapel Rd. Trail Easement2000Trail from Chapel Rd to College Heights0.3A. Butler
Forest Avenue Trail Easement2001Access to Rampe and High School property0.1Lin White
Haynes Trail Easement2007Trail connector between Rampe and Colburn0.4Lin White
Manter Trail Easement2006Forested Land in Veazie0.2Dave Wardrop
Campus Crest (Replaced Marsh Lane trail Easement)1995Access to Marsh Island Forest* 2010change0.2Mike Opitz
Orchard Trails Trail Easement2005Trail through development1Mike Opitz
Pearce Trail Easement2006Access across Forest Ave0.1Lin White
Young’s (Pushaw Marsh Trail Easement/ Gould’s Landing)2003From G. Young, access to Pushaw Shores Property0.5Paul Markson
  Total Acreage Formally Stewarded1291.83