Stillwater River Trail

Photo of people walking on River Trail in winter

The Stillwater River Trail trail is almost entirely on private property.  It is available for use through the generous support of the private owners who are willing to share access to this trail with the public.  Continued access to this trail requires cooperation and courtesy of all users.  An important note is that all dogs MUST be on-leash when on any portion of this trail.  This popular trail follows an old rail bed constructed in 1860’s. The rail line was used to transport products to Bangor from the lumber mills near the Stillwater Avenue bridge. Coal for the University was stored on a spur off the main rail bed, opposite the current University heating plant. The faint patterns of old railroad ties and occasional spikes can be seen on parts of the trail. In 1967, the town built a sewer system and placed pipes under the old rail bed. The pipes were repaired in 2005, creating a walking trail along the river. In 2007, trail bridges were added upstream from the water treatment plant. Look for beaver dens along the river’s edges. Avoid the abundant poison ivy in this area.  Parking and trail access are available at the base of Noyes Drive at Brownie’s Park. See kiosk for additional information.

Click here to download a map of the Stillwater River Trail.