Volunteer with OLT

The Orono Land Trust is entirely a volunteer organization. There are many opportunities for you to become involved! Whatever your skill, ability, or interest, there’s a place you can make a difference. If you’re interested in joining our group of volunteers, please contact President Adam Toothaker (president@oronolandtrust.org) We’ll contact you about upcoming volunteer opportunities that match your expressed interests and preferences.

Outdoor Volunteer Activities

Easement monitoring –Accepting an easement obligates the Land Trust to ensure that the terms of the easement are met. In practice this generally means walking the boundaries of a property once or twice a year to observe and document conditions.

Trail building and maintenance – Add your effort to our WORK DAYS when we spread gravel, trim and brush-hog trails, work to eradicate invasive species, and other tasks.  We also build bridges and boardwalks.

Assist in improving habitat such as removing invasive species or replanting native species.

Lead tours and outings – We plan outings of various types to encourage members of the community to get out and see local land conservation in the area.

Public outreach – Do you have expertise in wildflowers, bird-watching, or organic lawn maintenance? How about a slide show of your hike on the Veazie Railroad or your expedition on the Appalachian Trail or Alaska? Sponsoring conservation and preservation-related presentations and workshops helps us raise awareness of issues, as well as encouraging others to join the fun and learning.

Photography – Photographs are useful for documenting and protecting easements. They are also wonderful tools for public education and publicity brochures, posters and handouts. Aerial photographs of our region are helpful.

Indoor Volunteer Activities

Clerical, administrative and technical help

Coordinate volunteers

Research and documentation – Land protection projects often involve extensive research in dusty records: deeds, maps and public documents. Once a piece has been identified and, perhaps, protected by easement or fee ownership, maps and descriptions of its boundaries and conditions are essential to maintenance and enforcement.

Publicity – Press releases and letters, photo opportunities and public gatherings: the more we can get the word out, the better our ability to protect and preserve land. If you like to write, take pictures, make phone calls and talk to people, you can help.  Maybe write an occasional newspaper article? We’d love to hear from you.

Fundraising – The bottom line is – the bottom line. Like any other non-profit, the Land Trust needs money to accomplish its goals. Whether you have experience writing grants or running bake sales, the Land Trust can use your assistance.

Membership committee – Your participation – and membership is what makes the organization run!  We’re 100% volunteer – from the Board of Directors through the land Stewards.  We need your support to do our work.  Can you help us find new members?

Refreshments – Every gathering is more fun with food! Annual meetings, guest speakers, and public outreach events all call for a table full of goodies. If you enjoy cooking, we can assure you of an appreciative group of tasters.

Expertise – Over the years, the Orono Land Trust has been very fortunate to benefit from the advice and donated services of foresters, soil scientists, wildlife ecologists, climate scientists, vernal pool specialists, attorneys, surveyors and developers. Maybe you’re a retired wetlands scientist, an amateur historian, a ARC GIS mapping consultant or an AutoCAD whiz. Or maybe you did your graduate thesis on moose, ducks, trees, vernal pools, song birds, recreational use of the forest, or accounting methods for non-profit corporations. We’d love to give you a chance to demonstrate your skills.