Davis Conservation Easement

This conservation easement of almost 33 acres is in place to provide significant public benefit by protecting and preserving in perpetuity: (1) the forever wild state of the forested portion of the Protected Property, in particular by allowing said forest to achieve an old growth condition, or whatever successional stages nature may bring about without active human intervention; and (2) the existing open field, including a population of rare plant species – the Orono Sedge. Further, to make the Protected Property available for low-impact outdoor recreational and educational study by the general public and for scientific study.  This property has a one-mile loop trail available for walking only.

Directions: From Orono head south on Rt 2 towards Veazie.  Turn right on Gardner Rd. and drive to the end where you will see a parking area and kiosk.

Davis CE Map (click to enlarge):
Davis GPSTrail Map