Rampe Conservation Easement & Town of Orono Land

Rampe Conservation Easement: Located near Orono High School. Glenn and Nancy Rampe donated the easement to the OLT in 2002. Next to the Rampe easement are two vernal pools: Frog Pond and Lost Pond, which is on Town of Orono land. Both ponds are important amphibian breeding sites. This property shares cross-country running trails with the high school. It is an excellent example of a managed forest, with sections of the forest selectively cut prior to 2002.  The property has many lady slippers and different tree species.

Trail access is from Forest Avenue or from behind the high school football field. Trails cross private lands to connect to Sklar Park.  Johnny Mack Brook runs through this property, near the I-95 highway.

Town of Orono Land (Behind OHS): This land contains a 45-acre parcel of mixed hardwood and coniferous forest which is owned by the town and managed by the Town and OLT. Trail access is behind the Orono High School football field and through the Rampe Conservation Easement.  Cross-country running trails are located throughout the property. In 2000, a microburst storm felled approximately 50 huge white pines in this area.  In 2017 another microburst on Halloween knocked down most of the white pine trees on the hillside.

Click here to view a contour map of the Rampe / Orono HS area.

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