CAUTION – Young Wildlife Injuries! – CAUTION

ATTENTION TRAIL USERS:  Spring is a wonderful time to be outside.  Listen to the sounds of birds and frogs.  Baby mammals are born. Salamander and frog eggs can be found. OLT is asking all trail users to be conscious of all the natural activity taking place as you use the trails.  We have had some unfortunate incidents. EXAMPLES:  On OLT trails: a bicyclist accidentally ran over the leg of a baby fox.  An unleashed dog chased baby fox from their den.  Unleashed dogs have chased porcupine into culverts (not good for the dog).  People have accidentally stepped on duck and turtle eggs because they were laid on the edge of the trail.

Please watch where you ride or walk.  Please leash your dog or carry a leash and have firm voice control of your dog.  All trail users and nature dwellers can live together and enjoy our beautiful area.