OLT’s “Big Old Tree” and other landmarks featured in BDN article

Bangor Daily News columnist and author Aislinn Sarnacki’s photo of her dog Juno visiting the “Lightning Tree” inside Orono Land Trust’s Jeremiah Colburn Natural Area. Photo credit Aislinn Sarnacki / Bangor Daily News

In her latest column, Bangor Daily News outdoor writer Aislinn Sarnacki revisits the OLT’s Jeremiah Colburn Natural Area. The article tells the story of the Land Trust founding and highlights some of our notable landmarks. The Big Old Tree (see in the OLT logo), the Lightning Tree, and the Porcupine Tree all make an appearance.

Read the article to see some great photos and learn more about the Jeremiah Colburn Natural Area. A great place to explore and experience some OLT history!