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Hunting Policy

Hunting Policy and PKCA Permit, 2018 Information

(Updated August 18, 2018)


It is the policy of Orono Land Trust (OLT) to permit use of its fee lands for a

diversity of outdoor recreational activities. Hunting of game species, where

appropriate and under appropriately issued State of Maine licensure, and under

conditions where the activity can be pursued to ensure safely of the hunter and

other users of the property, is allowed on PKCA by OLT-issued permit only;

no permit is required on other OLT fee lands, as listed below.

The following rules apply to all types of hunting, for all species of game, and by usual means of take (bow & arrow, shotgun, rifle). The following OLT properties are open for hunting consistent with Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife current regulations, 2018:

  • Dorion Land: All game species, all methods of take.
  • Hsu Land: All game species, all methods of take.
  • Newman Hill Land: All game species, all methods of take.
  • Piney Knoll Conservation Area: Only White-tailed deer, ONLY BY BOW & ARROW. PERMIT REQUIRED, See special instructions below.
  • Thibodeau Land: All game species, all methods of take.
  • Wickett Land: White-tailed deer (BY BOW & ARROW or SHOTGUN). Other game species, BY SHOTGUN.
  • Otter Point: All game species, all methods of take.

ATTENTION ALL HUNTERS INTERESTED IN HUNTING ON THE PINEY KNOLL CONSERVATION AREA (PKCA) To obtain a permit to hunt on PINEY KNOLL CONSERVATION AREA, owned by Orono Land Trust, send an email to <PKCA.Permit@oronolandtrust.org> with your name and contact information, and an indication of which season you are applying for (EARLY= Sept 8 – Oct 24: or LATE = Oct 25 – Dec 8), as described in the separate PKCA season announcement. Jerry Longcore, OLT’s authorized representative, will issue the permit to hunters selected according to the PKCA season announcement. NOTE: If selected by lottery for a PKCA permit, (sample below), to hunt in either season, receipt of that permit must be acknowledged by return email to validate your permit. Failure to acknowledge receipt prior to the start of the selected season may result in revocation of the permit. . SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR HUNTING OLT LAND THAT IS IN THE MAINE EXPANDED ARCHERY DEER ZONE: ONLY the PINEY KNOLL CONSERVATION AREA and HSU land are OLT’s properties in the expanded Archery Deer Zone.

The Orono Land Trust, Board of Directors approves hunting of white-tailed deer by bow & arrow only on Piney Knoll Conservation Area, by OLT-issued permit during the Maine’s Expanded Archery Season, which is September 8 – December 8, 2018. See Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife (http://www.maine.gov/ifw/hunting_trapping/index.htm) for details of the white-tailed deer expanded archery season.

  1. Hunters who apply for the OLT permit must fulfill all license, training requirements, and regulations of ME DIF&W for archery hunting.
  2. SAFETY to hunters, the public, and domestic animals is paramount. Take all safety precautions and be aware of the horses and goats on the Trask property that abuts OLT property. For safety, please hunt from a temporary “tree stand” and do not stalk deer or hunt from ground blinds. Do not use the “stand” of another hunter without permission.
  3. Dispose of deer entrails appropriately, off the OLT property, but not on Orono Town land or other nearby private property.
  4. Tree stands and “scent tags,” if used, must be removed THE LAST DAY OF THE PERMITTED SEASON (EARLY/LATE). If a stand remains after this period you will forfeit the stand and OLT will have it removed.


Permit holders are expected to respond to a short online survey after their season. The survey will be online and the information will be sent to the email used by the permit holder, after the end of the season. OLT would appreciate comments on your experience(s), including the number of hours spent hunting on OLT land and results of your efforts. If you did not hunt, send us that information as well. Not submitting a survey response may be cause to deny a permit in subsequent years. The survey will be emailed to permit holders prior to the end of their season. This permit must be carried with the permittee while on PKCA lands and presented as requested.


HUNTER ENTRY PERMIT: Property): ___Orono Land Trust – PKCA___. Permission is granted to _______SAMPLE___ for the 2018 Expanded Archery Season for the following dates: _____ (EARLY, SEP 8 – OCT 24) // _____ LATE (OCT 25 – DEC 8) SEASON) (A check in only one season is valid. Permit is void if altered or if both seasons are checked) for the purpose of bow hunting for white-tailed deer. By accepting this permit, the identified hunter accepts and agrees to: OLT will not be required to provide permittees warnings of hazards, hazardous conditions or use of any structures or activities on the land. OLT does not grant any assurance to permittees that the premises are safe and do not assume, in any way, the responsibility, or incur liability for any injury to any person or property caused by any act by persons to whom permission is granted. Permittees shall indemnify OLT and hold OLT and its members harmless for any and all actions or causes of action that result from the permittee’s use of the land. Permittees are solely responsible for any environmental damage caused by a permittee’s activities. This permit is granted only to the permittees and is non-transferable. The Marsh Island Preserve, now known as Piney Knoll Conservation Area (PKCA), is a multi-recreational area; undue conflict between hunters and other recreational users may result in loss of hunting opportunity on this property. Keep permit on your person when hunting on this OLT property. PERMISSION GRANTED on: _____________ by Orono Land Trust, P. O. Box 4 Orono, ME 04473 For the Board, Jerry Longcore, Hunt Coordinator (866-3104) /signed / issued/. NOTE: Failure to follow laws, rules, and permit requirements may result in revocation of permit and disqualification of the permittee for future seasons. =========================


2018 KPCA Permit Process

Hunters must apply for a permit by 12:00 a.m. Eastern, September 1, 2018  (Apply through the OLT website, or email to Jerry Longcore (PKCA.Permit@oronolandtrust.org). No requests will be accepted after that date. From the qualified applicants received by September 1,  up to 25 hunters  will be chosen to receive permits for the EARLY season and 25 requests will be selected to receive permits for the LATE season. Only hunters selected to receive a permit will be notified by email within two days after September 1st.

To accommodate the LATE season hunters, tree stands of EARLY season hunters must be removed on the last day of the EARLY season, that is, onOctober 24th.
As in previous years, it is requested that hunting be done from tree stands to decrease the danger of injury of other hunters. As a condition of accepting a permit,
tree stands can only be put up during the season for the permit – meaning:

§EARLY Season permittees can set up their tree stands after they receive their permit and must remove their standby the end of the day on October 24.
§LATE Season permittees may set up tree stands no earlier than October 25 and must remove stands within two weeks after December 9.
Notes for PKCA Extended Season Permits:

1.Selection of permittees will be done via random drawing, expected to take place on/afterSeptember 1, 2017.
2. Only one permit for one season (EARLY orLATE) will be issued per hunter.
3.The total number of permits issued, up to the maximum of 50 per season, will depend upon the number of applications that meet the requirements. Not all permits may be issued.
4.After the hunters are selected, no additional drawings will be held and no additional permits will be issued.
5.Asa condition of accepting a permit, the hunter agrees to fill out an online survey about their experience. Failure to do so may result in disqualification for receiving a permit the following year.
6.Failure to follow rules of the permit may cause the existing permit to be revoked and disqualify the hunter from receiving future permits.
7.There is no fee or cost to submit an application for a permit. Only one application per hunter will be accepted.
8.Names of all permitees, and their permitted season on PKCA will be made available to the ME Warden Service, Department of Inland Fisheries &amp; Wildlife.
9.Decisions about the PKCA permits are at the sole discretion of OLT.

Questions and application can be made by sending an email indicating the season you wish to hunt in to < PKCA.Permit@oronolandtrust.org>