All Aboard! Learn about the Veazie Railroad – 3:00 PM Saturday, March 23 at Black Bear Brewery

Interested in railroading history in our town?  Liz Ashe and Rhonda Savage have heavily photographed and researched the history of the old railroad that ran from 1836-1869. See how you can spot signs of it today and what the line meant to Bangor and others. As an added bonus, the brewery will have Conservation IPA on draft and […]

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Attend Fall Trail Day!

Fall Trail Day We hope you’ll take action by joining our Fall Trail Work Day in Orono on Saturday, Oct 27, 9 am-noon. We’ll be focusing on the Caribou Bog Conservation Area (CBCA) multi use trail system, home to a diversity of single track and double track trails created for four season non motorized recreational activities!  The CBCA has been rated as a top […]

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2018 Hunting Season – Hunter Feedback Form Open

Did you receive a PCKA hunting permit or hunt on other OLT lands?  Please provide your feedback  – Click <Here> Please click the link to fill out the feedback form for your hunting experience.  Note that feedback is required for all PKCA permit holders.  Others who hunted are encouraged to provide feedback.  To provide your […]

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IMPORTANT: Please Read – Winter Trail Use and Trail Closures

Greetings –   1/12/2018: Caribou Bog Conservation Area: Trails Closed Temporarily to Ski and Snowshoe Users Due To Rain and Warm Weather.  Winter bicycle trails are available.  All of these trails remain closed to foot traffic (non-snowshoe) until spring. JCNA, Sklar Park and the Stillwater River Trail are open for foot traffic all year. The […]

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A Tip of the Hat

Hello OLT members, family, and friends.  Looking for a Christmas, Holiday, Thank You, Birthday, Anniversary, or just a fun and useful gift for someone?  How about an OLT hat?  The ball caps are comfortable and sturdy and the winter hats are so warm.  The winter hats are $15 each and the ball cap is $20.  […]

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Article In The Bangor Daily News: The story behind the Bangor area’s forgotten commuter railroad

Interesting article by Emily Burnham in the Bangor Daily News about the Veazie Railroad.  Check it out <here>.

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From the Bangor Daily News, by George Will: Governor’s attack on land trusts brings good result

Good information about the benefits land trusts provide to their communities and their state.  Check it out <here>.

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Invasives Training

OLT Board Members Kate Locke and Mike Opitz conducted a second invasive information session.  This session taught attendees about clearing invasives from the land to allow native plants to grow.  Thank you to two very knowledgeable leaders.  Missed this session?  Have questions about invasive plant species? Contact us to see when the next sessions will be […]

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Resident Greets Hiker

Come for a hike, stay for the wildlife.  A resident snapping turtle greets a hiker her recent hike. Like the wildlife?  So do we.  Come visit the trails and lands of Orono Land Trust and see what new friends you can make!

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Building Bridges – To The Great Outdoors in Sklar Park

Dave and Mitch work on a bridge in Sklar Park.  Come enjoy the fall foliage and try out the new bridge.

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