Cota Trail Rehab Project

The Lee & Sarah Cota Trail (off Forest Ave.) has been improved. This trail was very wet. With the help of many volunteers, the trail was reconstructed by laying down geotech, rocks, more geotech and finally gravel. The long bridge was removed and the bridge area was built up about 8-10 inches with a culvert installed. Three large muddy holes were filled in. Tripping roots were covered. Beautifying the trail will continue. A log is available as a bench half way down the trail. Some trees have identification labels. This trail leads into the Jeremiah Colburn Natural Area. Get out and take a look.

Thanks go out to Mike Opitz, Jerry Longore, Kate Locke, Julian Wiggins, Corey Mosby, Ron Logan, Jim White, John Erikson, Glenn Rampe, Erik diSilva, Sean Kilpatrick and Mike, Mark, Len and Small from the County Sheriff Office. Gail White and Dave Thompson supervised the work.

PLUS – check out this video of the new trail 🙂